Dosing pumps / Catch-pots / Fittings / Insulation

Dosing pumps

dosing pump

FT Pipeline Systems supplies dosing pumps to work in conjunction with the dual containment hose. The pumps feature flow rates of up to 80 L/H and operating pressures of up to 20 bar. They are available with a wide range of functions and power supplies and can be configured to be compatible with a large number of chemicals.



To complement our flexible hose package FT Pipeline Systems can also offer catch-pots for all of our dual containment systems. The standard catch-pot is a 160mm square pot with a depth of 260mm, although any size you require is possible. The catch-pot is made of 5mm high impact clear poly carbonate or PETG sheet and has a removable lid secured with either two stainless steel catches which can be pin locked, or by the use of four screw down posts. The lid is sealed with EPDM gaskets for an all-round water tight finish and the hose is connected by our bespoke range of fittings.

Due to the nature of the connections it is possible to use ProtectaFlex with our bespoke catch-pots & achieve an unbroken inner hose while still offering the safety of a catch-pot. ProtectaFlex also has  the added benefit that the outer cover terminates ‘in’ the box rather than outside as is the case with all other systems.

Hose fittings and clamps


These are available in a variety of sizes. Swaged ends can also be used.

Insulation and trace heating

We offer  insulation in standard 2m lengths which prevents condensation and corrosion. We also supply a micro self-regulating heating cable which can be cut to suit your installation.